Are you looking to set up a business or relocate to the US?

We have taken all of the guess work, leg work and pain out of relocating or setting up a business to the US and put EVERYTHING you need together in two powerful step by step guides for your business and personal affairs.

We set up Locate In USA to offer other people in our position both a personal and business roadmap for relocating to the US.

Founding partner Al Hodgson

I moved to the US in August 2010 to set up a Tech business and spent a huge amount of time and energy trying to navigate the bureaucracy in the United States.
As many people do, I faced significant challenges when I moved to the US to set up my business. First and foremost I had to understand what was the most suitable visa for my situation. After advice from my lawyer we applied for an E3 Investor visa.
The decision then had to be made on how best to form the business, an Limited Liability Company, S-Corporation, C-Corporation or a Limited Liability Partnership.
Finally we needed office space and employees, the commercial real estate market is very different to the UK, and the employment laws change from state to state. A huge amount of new information to understand."

Founding Partner - Alistair Hodgson

I moved to the US in September of 2007, to further my career in the Financial Services field and work with AXA Advisors here in Los Angeles.
Struggling to know where to turn, or who to go to for advice on getting established here, I spent a lot of time researching and speaking to people I met never really knowing if I was making the right or best decisions. There were so many questions I never knew the answer too… When do I need to get a California driver’s license? Can I buy a car before I get a social security number? What is the best way of transfer my money from the UK to the US?
In 2009 I branched out to setup a company here, and again the questions arose. What type of corporation should I establish? Do I need an attorney to help me? Should I have a tax accountant? It took a lot of hours to determine whether I was on the right path, and doing everything correctly.
Over the last 10 years of living in the US, I have made some amazing connections with professionals in all the areas we all have questions when relocating.”

Founding Partner – Adam Beach

We have pulled together a wonderful resource bank and selection of advisors for people to talk to for help in every area of the relocation process.

Every one of the Locate In USA team of professional service advisors is an expat and has offered our subscribers free consultations in their area of specialisation.

To book 1:1 consultations with the team please choose one or more options from the dropdown list and include your name, email address and telephone number and you will be contacted shortly by the team.


We have put together the definitive checklists for both individuals and businesses looking to relocate to the US. This will give you a step by step guide on how to make your move, in the most informed way. Our team of advisors have all made the move themselves, and guided 100’s if not 1,000’s through the process.

Click here to view and download our checklists for either individuals or businesses. These will guide you along the way to avoid any pitfalls, and risk incurring any additional unnecessary expenses.

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